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Fast and friendly, guaranteed.

Bay City, Midland and Saginaw are specialized areas for Griffin Transit - MBS. However, clients generally ask us just how far we'll go. The answer? Anywhere in Michigan.

Need to get started? Call us at 989-770-2060.

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Covering Bay City, Saginaw, and Midland. Every last mile of it.

Griffin Transit is based in the Tri-city area, working directly out of Bay City, Michigan. We cover the surrounding cities from our main dispatch office. We are simply here to offer a ride that's on time, every time. We do our best to be the most affordable, and safest ride offered. We have no peak (or spike - double or triple) rates, unlike Uber and Lyft, so no worries. We promise to keep more money in your pocket! We also offer rides to the bars, airport (MBS, DTW, and Flint Bishop) and local drop off's in general. Additionally, we have special wedding rates! (Contact dispatch for our wedding packages). Whatever it might be, we've got you covered.

If you have used our services before, please take the time to review us on Google!

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989-770-2060. Dial Extension 1.
Phone line busy? Email us at

Give us a call, anytime - we are on it! We are driving many hours of the day, and even take preschedules for early morning! Our dispatchers are here to take your call. We take appointments to run you (to and from) the bar, the airport, or even that 4AM Detroit run (if called in advance). If you don't currently have your cell phone, then feel free to shoot us an email. We accept those too. Email not working? Try our Facebook link, we have an outstanding response time. Don't have Facebook? Send us a message through Google messenger! We keep your options open.

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$12.00 minimum fare required for Bay City residents. $18.00 minimum for Saginaw/Freeland residents/north side. $20.00 minimum for Saginaw Freeland residents/south side. $20.00 minimum fare for Midland residents. $25.00 minimum fare for Frankenmuth/Buena Vista residents.

As a service offered to our clients, we want to give back. Here's how we'll start. We're going to offer the cheapest pricing possible because we understand that for many, times can be tough. We also offer discounted rates for senior's, students, and military. We also offer flat rates for airport to hotel runs. $12.00 minimum charge is applied to Bay City clients only. That rate is always X1, with no additional spike rates. Wait time and distance charge fees DO apply. (The current rate is $30.00 per hour of wait time). Afterhours surcharge fees apply after 12am/before 6am.

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It's what we're about.

And we'll stick to it. Too many times, you end up calling for a ride, only for them to be incredibly late, or not even show up at all! No way, not on our watch! If we are running behind schedule, the dispatcher or driver will contact you personally, and let you know. We are good at what we do, (not missing runs) and believe us when we say, "We take pride in that!" Our dispatchers also have the best training to answer the phone most oftentimes, and if they miss your call, (when dealing with another client) you will be called back momentarily.

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It's what you're about.

Sure, we do our very best to offer the services needed to be there on time, and get you there on time, but what about the ride in between? Never an issue. Our driver's are friendly, funny, and willing to meet you on a personal level if you're up for a good chat. We offer quiet vehicles that are well maintained. They offer the ride and comfort you would expect to pay for, and with seating up to 4, your friends and family will feel the same way too. Minivan is available upon request - seats up to 8 people).

Still unsure if our services are legitimate? Look and see what people are saying about us on the Yellowpages listings, and if you have any questions or complaints, feel free to comment.

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Griffin Taxi - Bay City, Michigan.


Yep, it's that simple. Get in, tell us where you're headed, and we'll point the vehicle to go that direction. 5 miles, or 500, we're down to drive it. All of our driver's have a chauffeurs license on hand, and have been through a specialized application/background check process to work for Griffin Transit.

Payment arrangements (and quotes) can be offered over the phone - from our dispatcher. You don't pay until you are finished using our services, however. Our rates (as stated before) are X1 ALL THE TIME, unlike any Uber or Lyft in the area. No double or triple rates, EVER. Your payment's are made directly to the company, so no pesky apps to work with either. We currently accept cash and all major credit cards. (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).

Note - Please try to have payment ready by the time the driver shows up, to ensure that the next person needing a ride also gets one of our vehicles to them on time.

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We know that much of the Tri-city never sleeps. We want to keep your options open. We are open all days, except for Sundays and any major holidays (closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas).

6AM - 12AM Monday - Thursday/ 6AM - 12AM Friday and Saturday/By request and called in advance ONLY - Sunday.

Booking In Advance: We take preschedules wwwaaaayyy ahead of time. In fact, we prefer preschedules (minimally) to be 24 hours in advance (if possible) to give our dispatchers and drivers time to get things arranged for your pickup. If you need to cancel we do ask that you call at least four hours in advance. Preschedules are eligible for a 10% discount for two weeks in advance (14+ days). 

Other eligibility includes (10%):

Student (College)


Senior (65+)

These cannot be combined or stacked to offer an additional discount.

Airport Services: As mentioned earlier, we offer flat rates from the MBS airport. We strive to be the most competitive, charging $40 ($5 processing fee added for credit cards) to any hotel in the tri-city area. That's right, ANY hotel.

Still unsure of how well we handle things? Check out our BBB ratings! (We are no longer BBB accredited, as we do not pay to play).

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